App Config

App Config

September 26, 2021

This is guideline to help you install ZiniStore App (React Native)

Setup environment

Before you start to run on iOS, make sure you were setting up the development environment (

NOTE: The instructions are a bit different depending on your development operating system, and whether you want to start developing for iOS or Android. you MUST pick one to start with, since the setup is a bit different (screenshot)

2/ Unzip file inside the app folder.

3/ Open Visual Studio Code and go to ZiniStore project source code

If TERMINAL tab was not display, you have to open from menu: View > Terminal


From Visual Code Terminal , install the independence packages:

npm install

Run on Android devices

react-native run-android

Run on iOS device

cd ios
pod install
cd ..
react-native run-ios

If everything is set up correctly, you should see your new app running in your Android/iOS emulator shortly.

Basic config

Open src/config/index.js and change hostAPI to your store currently, and replace consumerKey + consumerSecret previous step.

Common errors

1. Error: Pod command not found?

pod install
-bash: pod: command not found

Answer: You have to install cocapods

sudo gem install cocoapods

2. Error: react-native command not found?

react-native run-ios
bash: react-native: command not found

Answer: because you did not install react native commandline, please run to install

npm i -g react-native-cli

3. Unable to load script. Make you’re either running a Metro server…

Answer: You need starting dev server, from Visual Studio Code terminal, run:

react-native start

4. Could not install npm?

Answer: Because the npm is too old. You have to remove npm and install again ( refer:

We recommend installing Node and Python2 via Chocolatey, a popular package manager for Windows.

5. Build failed?

Answer: Clean android and build again

cd android
.\gradlew clean
cd ..
react-native run-android

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Hello! We are a group of skilled developers and programmers.

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