Basic Settings

This guide was written to help you config the basic information and display of app.

General Configuration

The basic information for your store includes the store’s logo, name and address, telephone number and email address, that appear on app.

To set app information:

1. On the Admin sidebar, go to ZiniStore API > General

2. Set the to your preference.

3. When complete, click Save changes

Color Schema

  • Background Primary Color: For Menu and
  • Text Primary Color: For headline
  • Text Secondary Color: For main content
  • Text Base Color: For additional information


  • Font Headline: Font family, Font size, font Weight, Spacing
  • Font Body: Font family, Font size, font Weight, Spacing
  • Font Small: Font family, Font size, font Weight, Spacing


  • Blog Layout: change to Grid, Masonry, Timeline, Classic style
  • Blog Meta Fields: Turn on/off Blog Meta Field display
  • Post Meta Fields: Turn on/off Post Meta Field display
  • Related Posts: Turn on/off Related posts display
  • Posts by author: Turn on/off Post by author display

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