Build App for IOS

How to build the app for iOS?

This chapter will intro how build the app for iOS, we have 2 ways:

1. Build app via XCode

Zapes -> ios -> Zapes.xcodeproj
Ensure that you are in the right folder after downloading the app.

Open the iOS project (Zapes.xcodeproj) from the Zapes downloaded folder.

  1. Run the project by clicking the Play button.
  2. The app will run and you will be able to navigate in the iOS simulator.
  3. Please ensure installing The Node Package Manager before building the app for iOS

If you want to run the app in your mobile device, then you need to get enrolled in Apple Developer Program. It will cost you 99 $ per year, to apply for Apple Developer Program click here.

To build the app for iOS via Xcode, follow these steps:

1: Open the iOS project

2: Run the project by clicking the play button:

3: Select the required emulator and click ok:

Step 4: Navigate the app in the iOS simulator:


1. Build app via Terminal

* Please ensure that when you open the file, you are in the right folder.

To build the app for iOS via Terminal, follow these steps:

1. Open terminal and go to the right your app folder
  1. cd app/app-zapes
2. Install npm packages:
  1. npm install
3. Run this code to open npm package:
  1. npm start
4. Go to ios folder then install pod packages:
  1. cd ios
  2. pod install
5. Then go back working folder Zapes and run this code to open app on emulator:
  1. cd ..
  2. react-native run-ios –simulator=”iPhone 7″
6. After app building success, you can see app on simulator iPhone.

Thank you.

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