This menu help you to create/remove or rearrange section order in home screen, including:

  • Woo Banners
  • Woo Categories
  • Woo coupon
  • Woo Newest Product
  • Woo Featured Product

Edit Home banners

To set App Home screen main slider images, use this section

1. Click Add row then Woo Banners

2. Provide some information

  • Image: You can upload the image for banner here
  • Caption: Text will be displayed above image
  • Target URL: Access link of the button
  • Style: Set position of text

Woo Categories

Choose the thumbnail type

  • Circle Style
  • Square Style

Woo Coupon:

Setup the amount of the coupon will be display in home page

WP Lastest Product

Using this section, you can setup latest product in app.

  • Layout style: Choose thumb style (Left Thumb, Right Thumb, Grid Thumb, Card Thumb)
  • Num: Number of product

  • WP Featured Post: Posts will displayed in home screen
  • WP Video: The video post will be displayed in home screen.

Woo Featured Products

Using this section, you can select the product will be displayed in home screen.

  • WP Latest Posts: Layout style and, the number lastest post display in home screen.