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How to config Application on Facebook Developer

1. Go to https://developers.facebook.com and login with your account.

2. Click on Add new application button and Create new with your application.

3. After created, you see like so:

4. Choose your app and Go to Settings -> Information basic and update more info:

  • Name
  • Contact email
  • URL Privacy
  • Logo
  • Category

After complete, please save.

5. On very bottom, click to Add Platform and choose iOS or Android

6. Complete more field for iOS and Android

How to config Application on React Native Application

1. Android platform:

  • Go to string.xml from android/app/src/main/res/values.
  • Replace facebook_app_id with your ID facebook app.

2. iOS platform:

  • Go to info.plist from ios/nameapp
  • Replace fb230164674773112 with “fb” + your ID facebook app
  • On key FacebookAppID, replace with “fb” + your ID facebook app.
  • On key FacebookDisplayName, replace with your name app facebook.

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