Kindie - Kindergarten management application

Kindie comes as a complete solution to optimize communicating between parents and educators in Kindergarten with high productivity and cost-effectiveness. Inspired by the React Native framework, made by Facebook, it is quickly release to both Appstore and Google Play store.

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Coding friendly

Our code is always clean, easier debugging and more efficient maintenance in the future

Global support

You can contact us via Skype, Whatsapp or open a ticket to us and we will schedule a time for support

Lot's of features

We will try to release minor version every 2 weeks and large version every month after received feedback from you.


With Kindie, parents can now track their child's activities at school right on their phones.

  • Pick up children and ask for leave.
  • Play and learn with their kids everywhere.
  • Receive updates about children's attitude and behavior.
  • Be part of the children's memories, as they occur.
  • Chat directly with teacher in case of emergency.
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Kindie is a powerful tool to help teachers in their daily work to spend more time with their children.

  • Work digitally and reduce paperwork.
  • A health module simplifies the way children’s medical profile and history are stored.
  • Share updates & feedback to parents.
  • Chat directly with parents in case of emergency.
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Kindergarten Administrators

All activities of the school can now be easily managed and monitored right on the Website.

  • Create classes and allocate children and educators.
  • Add users such as educators and parents.
  • Get feedback from parents and build your online reputation.
  • The menu planner offers parents information about the child's daily meals.
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