This section will guide how to change the app logo, icons, splash screens

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Change the default Web Server

In order to the app can fetch data from the backend, you have to open  src/config/index.js and edit the hostSocket and host option:

  • hotSocket: web socket for realtime chat.
  • hot: web API to collect data.

Customize the color component

Open src/config/index.js file in the project.
You could change most of colors in COLORS section.

For example, you could change olor of the headline to any color you like, then reload the app to see the effect.

Customize the default language

By default we use English as the default language, if you need to change to your local language please modify as below:

Step 1: copy default text file src/config/language/locales\en.js then translate to your language eg: de.js

Step 2: go to src/config/language/i18n.js and import your lanuage: (line 5: import “de” + line 18: add translation)

Step 3: go to src\config\index.js and change to your default language (line 375)

In order to change icon, go to src\config\index.js and change your icons to what you want.

In order to change logo:
Android: go to android\app\src\main\res\mipmap-hdpi\ic_launcher.png and replace ic_launcher file to your logo, also replace other dimensions: mipmap-mdpi,mipmap-xhdpi, mipmap-xxhdpi, mipmap-xxxhdpi
For iOS: Open XCode: and change Images.xcassets – AppIcon.appiconset

Change the splash screen

For Android go to: android\app\src\main\res\drawable-xxxhdpi\splash.png then replace the splash file to what you want. Please change also on other dimensions: drawable-xxhdpi
For iOS please refers :

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