Enhance process of the production line


In the past, to control quality, Jabil’s client had to process manually when there were problems, which has a negative impact on production. So test platforms have come to a solution. With new process, the production supervision process will be operated automatically. QC only handles when something goes wrong.

Project Description

Purpose: Enhance process of the production line by use software tools, help engineers focus more to produce devices on the production line.

Function: program Desktop App Tools, Simulator Software.


Serving the industrial and energy, networking and telecommunications and point-of-sale sectors, Jabil Ho Chi Minh City’s capabilities in low-mix, high-volume and high-mix, low-volume product solutions provide an attractive option for customers interested in diversifying their manufacturing operations in Asia.


Microsoft SQL Server, .NET

Development Details

6 months

Team Size

1 Project Coordinator
2 .NET Developers

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Client Name

John Doe


February 28, 2020


3690 Brownton Road, Mississippi