Monstock – Simplifies Stock and Inventory Management


Monstock is a business application that simplifies stock and inventory management, quickly and in complete mobility.

Project Description

Because of the specific nature of the app, we used orange-red colors throughout our design, to give it a strong energy and "burning feeling". In addition to interface design, we worked with Monstock developers to develop the required features.


Monstock provides solutions related to warehouse and inventory management, including: Monstock moblie - Inventory management right on your phone, increasing profitability; Monstock google sheet - Inventory management; Monstock cloud & moblie - increase productivity without hardware.


Sketch design
WordPress, MariaDB

Development Details

2 months

Team Size

1 Project Coordinator
1 Designer 2 PHP Developers

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Client Name

John Doe


Mobile App Development


February 28, 2020


3690 Brownton Road, Mississippi